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  • Increase sales of valves in the international market
  • To do this the customer wanted to showcase the products, how they work and the benefits to the end customer at a range of global exhibitions
  • The real kit was large, heavy and cost-prohibitive to ship


DHM produced a full-size, cut-away model from polyurethane. The cut-away section highlighted different elements of the valve in different colours to make it easier to explain how the valve works.


The model has been successfully showcased at events and exhibitions around the world, supporting sales activities and making it easier for the sales force to explain the value of the valve to potential customers. It has also been used for training purposes both internally and with customers.

“The model has been a huge success – it means that we can showcase our products much more easily and cost effectively around the world. The cutaway nature of the model has also made it much simpler for our team to explain the features and benefits of the product to prospective customers.”

“DHM made the whole process of procuring the model easy and straightforward and worked with us from inception through to delivery to ensure the model met our needs – in fact the finished article surpassed our expectations and has proven to be a solid investment, often serving as the centrepiece of our stand.”